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Insight | Producer Onboarding

Expedite Contracting & Recruitment, While Validating Business Rules Every Step of the Way

Insurance Producer Electronic Contracting
  • Increase sales potential by onboarding & recruiting producers more efficiently

  • Minimize expenses & streamline operations by automating processes, including:

    • Hierarchy management

    • Background, licensing & debit balance checks

    • Document management & creation

    • Payment collections

    • Just-In-Time (JIT) appointment processing

  • Avoid mistakes by validating:

    • Business rules

    • Applicant information 

  • Simplify recruitment by empowering producers with recruitment tools & visibility into applicant status in workflow

  • Work anytime, anywhere with cloud-based technology

Solutions for Insurance Carriers & Agencies

Producer CRM for Carriers & Agencies
Insurance Producer Management System
Insurance Producer Analytics
Insurance Electronic Policy Application
We Know Insurance Operations

Insurance Operations—It's In Our DNA

Our sister company administers self-funded health plans & blocks of business for insurance companies. Our sister company handles everything from large system migrations to consolidated billing, premium collections, commission payments, and more. They helped us develop Insight, and now insurance carriers, agencies and agents are reaping the benefits. Contact us to learn more.

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