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Insight | Producer Analytics

Gain Business Intelligence with Advanced Analytics, KPIs & Reporting

Insurance Producer Analytics
  • Gain greater intelligence with graphical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & in-depth reports, including:

    • Product mix​

    • Applications

    • Average months in force

    • Commissions

    • Debit balance

  • Make more informed decisions by finding the answers to your most pressing questions

  • Increase producer productivity & satisfaction by empowering producers with insight into data & downline data

  • Work anytime, anywhere with cloud-based technology

We Know Insurance Operations

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Insurance Operations—It's In Our DNA

Our sister company administers self-funded health plans and blocks of business for insurance companies. Our sister company handles everything from large system migrations to consolidated, premium collections, commission payments, and more. They helped us develop Insight, and now insurance carriers, agencies and agents are reaping the benefits. Contact us to learn more.

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