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Why Soluta

Propel Your Career

If you want growth potential, you've come to the right place. We're a fast-growing software company with unlimited opportunities for those who work hard & excel without micromanagement. If you're self-starting & resourceful, Soluta could be the place for you.

Carrie Mabrito


Soluta's a place where resumes, past achievements & tenure don't determine your success. Rather, hard work & determination lead to limitless opportunities for growth.

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Join Our Team

In search of enterprising & ambitious professionals who are fearless of technology & enjoy a challenge.

Tackle Complex Problems

We're problem solvers. We believe that collaboration, innovation & creativity can solve complex business problems. If you enjoy a challenge & love to learn, Soluta could be the place for you.

Keith Mitchell

Senior Database Engineer

Have you ever wanted to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, in the right industry? Look no further.

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Tackle Complex Problems

Have A Life

We think that's pretty important! We're not just passionate about business process efficiency; we work efficiently, so that we can play efficiently. We provide a range of benefits to ensure that our team members are enjoying work-life balance, including:

Competitive Time Off That Increases With Tenure 
Wellness Benefits To Help You Feel Your Best
Flexible Hours With Opportunities To Work From Home
Onsite Doctor So That You Can Stay Healthy
Everyday Casual Dress So That You Can Be Comfortable
Position Flexibility So You Can Pursue Your Passion
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Team Soluta
Have a Life

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