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Our Story

Success. It's what all companies strive for; but often, great success brings great demands, great growth and even greater strain on your resources. At Soluta, we've experienced these growth pains, and we're here to prevent you from doing the same.

Rooted In Operations

Rooted In Operations

Latin for unbound, Soluta develops software that streamlines operations, empowers users and maximizes existing systems so that businesses can scale, run more efficiently and capitalize on hard-earned success, without stress.

"Bringing technology to the table is the easier part. Making it a value add to all aspects of our business is what is making the difference." 

An Extension Of Your Business

We don't sell a solution and walk away. Given our history as a TPA, we're rooted in the service industry, and view ourselves as an extension of your business; meaning when you win, we win. We're long-term partners committed to one goal; enabling your business success.

"You are not only a partner, but a longterm key to achieving our growth."

An Extension Of Your Business

Passionate About Process Efficiency

We can't look at a process without wanting to make it more efficient; it's who we are. We're business process oriented analysts passionate about technology that makes sense, has practical operational benefit and impacts the bottom line.

"[Soluta's] a great company to work with and [they] could potentially help your business achieve your current goals, as well as some that aren't even on your radar yet." 

We're Passionate About Process Efficiency

Love A Challenge


We love learning new technologies and aren't afraid of a challenge. In fact, we embrace it. Although .Net, SQL, Java & Talend are our bread and butter, we're always learning new technologies and new ways to innovate operations with technology.

"The technology Soluta has brought to the table—and the speed at which they have been able to deliver that technology—is a game changer."

We Love a Challenge
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